Eurotronix travels to Asia to visit its suppliers

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Eurotronix travels to Asia to visit its suppliers

From November 13 to 21 we traveled to China and Taiwan to visit some of our main Asian suppliers. We highlight some of the visits we made:

On the first day we were in Cixi, Zhejiang province in China, visiting the Degson plant, our terminal block supplier for 20 years. We had the pleasure of touring their 3 impressive factories and were shown the showroom and new product area.

A very interesting visit was in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, where we met with Neltron, a manufacturer of connectors with whom we have been working for more than 18 years. They welcomed us in the new building where they have been located for the last 2 years to show us their new circular connectors. In addition, we visited their factory and saw how they control the entire production process of the connectors, as they have their own metal injection and casting line.

Our last visit was with PDC, part of the PSA Walsin Group, specialists in high capacity MLCCs and 48V converters among other products for power and BMS applications. We saw their entire production line and they also showed us their great capability and mastery of key materials, such as the ceramic powder-based metal process for chip capacitors.

Thanks, in order of visit, to all the suppliers who have welcomed us and made us feel at home: Degson, Ningbo Forward, Kefa, Season Yao, Anytek, Sunlord, Neltron, Amtek and PDC. It is a pleasure to collaborate with manufacturers of such high technological level and human quality.