DIN Rail Terminal Block

DIN Rail Terminal Block

Combined electrical terminals for installation on DIN rail, in different applications for electrical panels. They are sold separately, or there is the option of designing the complete rail with the desired combination and marking for each application. It has different connection technologies: screw fixing, die-cut or machined, is the traditional fixing, which offers a good mechanical function and greater humidity resistance. Clamp fixing enables direct connection with the use of a tool for the release of the cable, suitable for applications with greater mobility or vibration. Finally, push-in terminals enable direct and quick connection without the use of tools in the insertion or release of the cable, saving installation time.

Our terminal supplier Degson offers a wide range of DIN rail terminals at competitive prices and complete and already assembled DIN rail designs.

Our DIN Rail Terminal Block providers

Founded in 1990, Degson is one of the main manufacturers of high-tech terminals and connectors for the industrial sector. Degson's lab was the first authorised by UL and VDE in Asia. Its product complies with the UL, VDE, EX, TUV, CE, CQC, CB, RoHS and REACH certificates, and the company also has the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO80079-34 certifications.

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