Elatec, new Eurotronix partner for authentication solutions

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Elatec, new Eurotronix partner for authentication solutions

Eurotronix incorporates Elatec as its supplier to provide solutions for projects that require authentication by users.

Elatec is a German company with 30 years of experience that offers authentication solutions for all types of industries and applications. It designs and manufactures RFID card readers fully configurable and integrable in different types of protocol carriers such as smartphones, cards or smart watches among others.

They have two types of products:

OEM readers of various sizes, to be integrated into customer devices.


Readers with housing and USB cable fully finished and ready for use.

The main competitive advantage of Elatec readers is that they are multi-frequency, i.e., they are for both low and high frequency and incorporate NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for authentication of users with smartphones.

A technical advantage of these readers is that they are able to read more than 60 types of RFID protocols that exist on the market and have the possibility of adding new ones, which means that no matter what protocol the end user uses, Elatec readers will most likely be able to read and integrate it.

The main sectors in which Elactec incorporates its solutions are electric vehicle charging, parking lots, smart lockers, hotels, printers or elevators among many others.

Thanks to the collaboration with Elatec, Eurotronix has a wider range of products and will be able to provide solutions to its customers' projects that require authentication with RFID technology. 


In the following video Pedro Silvestre, Export Manager of Elatec, tells us a little more about the company and the solutions they provide: