Celebrating World Wi-Fi Day

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Celebrating World Wi-Fi Day

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Every June 19 is the World Wi-Fi Day, the wireless network technology through which computers, smartphones, TVs and many other devices can connect to the Internet, anytime, anywhere.

This connection exists thanks to routers, which manage Internet traffic and create a network to which any device that supports Wi-Fi can connect. In the beginning, connections were allowed only in public places; whereas today almost every home has a router, creating private networks and only accessible by those who know the access password.

The use of Wi-Fi technology is fully implemented in our society and the increase of smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) make the dependence on Wi-Fi expand every day. So much so that, surely, most of us could not live without Wi-Fi. "What's the Wi-Fi password?" is the first thing we ask when we arrive at restaurants, hotels or friends' houses. 

This technology has become an indispensable part of our lives and has revolutionized it by making us have easy access to online content, improving our productivity and giving us the ability to work remotely.



Before Wi-Fi technology was born, there were other inventions that made this form of communication possible.

In June 1941, Hedy Lamarr, a well-known actress of the time, patented a "secret communication system" that wirelessly guided torpedoes based on frequency hopping technology. This technique used a pair of synchronized, perforated drums to transmit information wirelessly and eventually led to the first Wi-Fi standard, IEEE 802.11.

Another important step was taken in the early 1970s, when a wireless network called ALOHAnet was created in Hawaii, which demonstrated that data could be sent wirelessly between the islands of the archipelago.

As early as 1997, the technology we know today was created. Several companies such as Nokia and 3Com sought to establish a compatible wireless connection mechanism between devices. These companies joined forces in 1999 to create the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), which is now known as the Wi-Fi Alliance. 

The following image shows a time diagram of the evolution of Wi-Fi from 1999 to the present day, including the most relevant events of the last 25 years.


As you can see, there are more and more advances in this technology and they are happening faster and faster. It is for this reason that Eurotronix works with partners who specialize in this technology and provide Wi-Fi modules with the best features to provide solutions to all types of projects of our customers.


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Eurotronix, the Wi-Fi solutions partner

From its ability to connect us to people around the world to its influence on education, work and entertainment, Wi-Fi has radically transformed the way we interact and communicate. World Wi-Fi Day invites us to reflect on the profound impact this technology has had on our lives.

At Eurotronix we provide solutions to countless customer projects thanks to our global partners, with whom we work daily to keep up to date and keep pace with the constant evolution of this technology.