Ai-Thinker Ai-M61-32S Module

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Ai-Thinker Ai-M61-32S Module

Introducing the Ai-M61-32S module from Ai-Thinker, a leading provider of IoT wireless products and solutions, including antennas, modules and RF lab service.

This module is able to control a DVP camera, a touch screen via SPI protocol, control encoders and operate devices via infrared or voice.

In addition, it has a large number of peripherals and for this reason the Open Source Hardware series has been launched in the market, so that all the features of the module can be tested.

Some of its most outstanding specifications are:

  •  Combo Wifi 6 + BLE 5.3
  •  Equipped with the BL618 chip as the central processor
  •  Supports coexistence of thread, Wifi and BLE
  •  RF Balun
  •  532kB RAM memory

In the following video you can see how our Field Application Engineers test this module.