Primary Lithium Cells

Primary Lithium Cells

Its electrochemical reaction is irreversible, since once discharged, the battery cannot be recharged. Lithium can be associated with a wide variety of cathodes to produce a battery, the most widespread being Li-FeS2, Li-SO2 and Li-MnO2.  In any case, the selection of the chemical will depend on the application. The advantages of using these types of batteries are high level of voltage and stability, flexible capacity, operating temperature, long service life, high power density and no heavy metals. Its long operational life and high-power density make this technology an ideal alternative for feeding new devices associated with electric vehicles, home automation, metering systems and smart grids.

Our Primary Lithium Cells providers

Leading company in lithium battery technology. Since its foundation in 2001, it has created the technological base, the production structure and the business plan until achieving the leadership position in primary lithium batteries, and a strategic position in the secondary lithium battery market.

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