Geehy Semiconductor new microcontroller supplier

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Geehy Semiconductor new microcontroller supplier

We proudly announce Geehy Semiconductor as Eurotronix new microcontroller supplier. Geehy has more than 20 years of experience and is one of the largest specialists in 32-bit MC design.

🌟Why choose Geehy? Here are some of its strengths:

▪ Pin-to-pin compatible with other families from other manufacturers.
▪ Easy migration to Geehy.
▪ Great technical support from Geehy, plus specialized Product Managers and FAEs from Eurotronix.
▪ Offers great diversity of MCUs.
▪ Provides high performance products with a very good target price.
▪ Offers a broad development ecosystem.
▪ Guaranteed lead time of 8 weeks

Discover all Geehy's products, services and development ecosystem on its website:

Do you think Geehy could be an alternative for your projects?
Contact us and we will show you all the possibilities.