CQM220, Cavli's new 5G RedCap module

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CQM220, Cavli's new 5G RedCap module

Cavli Wireless, pioneer in the IoT world, announced on January 9 its latest release at the prestigious CES Las Vegas show. It is CQM220, a 5G RedCap module compatible with 3GPP version 17 standards for IoT and M2M applications. 

Equipped with RedCap, it enables connectivity to 5G networks with low-power data transmission at a lower cost, offering a maximum data bandwidth of up to 226 Mbps upstream and 121 Mbps downstream. The module is available in LGA, PCIe Gen2 and M.2 form factors. CQM220 supports an optional integrated eSIM that provides global connectivity through the Cavli Hubble device and connectivity management platform. The CQM220 also supports optional integrated GNSS, making it ideal for tracking applications. The module comes with Linux-based OpenSDK, allowing it to be programmed directly and no external microcontroller is required.

The 4G Fallback feature makes the CQM220 module ideal for 4G to 5G migrations. 

Due to all these features, it is perfect for applications that require higher data throughput with location information and global deployments, such as real-time monitoring of vehicles, telemetry systems in agri-food industries, IoT architectures for smart cities or industry 4.0, among others.

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