We celebrate the world elevator day


We celebrate the world elevator day

On March 23rd was the world elevator day and from Eurotronix we want to join the celebration because it has become the most used method of transport in the world. But since when did elevators exist?

It was in 200 BC in ancient Greece, where the first archaic model of a platform that transported the load between different slopes using the strength of people or animals was found. In the 1830s and 1840s they began to be propelled by steam engines, later electric traction and hydraulic elevators were introduced. But it was not until 1852 when Elisha Graves Otis manufactured the first elevator designed to carry people safely, as she developed a functional and safe braking system, creating the elevator as we know it today.


Present and future of the sector

Looking into the not-too-distant future, the main challenge facing the elevator industry is urbanization and overpopulation. Currently, 50% of the world's population lives in cities and the forecast is 70% by 2050. This growth will lead to the construction of taller buildings, which will require state-of-the-art elevators capable of moving greater distances in less time, improvements in safety and also in comfort.

Already under prototyping are elevators powered by magnetic levitation. This technology works without cables or enclosed structures and allows the machine to move both vertically and horizontally, making mobility in buildings much more flexible, faster and with a smaller carbon footprint.

A particular fact that stands out is that two thirds of the people who use the elevator do not talk to each other. In this field of communication, the future of elevators is digital natives, with whom we will interact in a very active way. Screens with multimedia content and voice control of temperature, music or doors will significantly improve the user experience.

In addition, artificial intelligence and data analysis will revolutionize the concept we had of elevators since, thanks to sensors and other elements, they will control the parameters of their operation, allowing predictive maintenance, controlling access according to the profile of each user or changing the parameters of the space according to the person occupying it.


Eurotronix solutions for the elevator industry

The elevator sector is one of the most important for Eurotronix, as we work with major companies, which make it a relevant part of our business.

We have a wide range of products to provide solutions to any element that is required throughout the elevator environment, from motor control and car electronics, the main pushbutton panel and access control or emergency and safety devices.


Motor control and cab electronics

Both to drive the motor and to control the electronics of the cabinet a multitude of components are necessary, which Eurotronix provides solutions thanks to leading manufacturers. 

In the field of electromechanical components, we offer electronic terminals and connectors, DIN rail terminals, circular connectors, industrial relays for switch cabinets, safety relays (forced guides), signal relays or timers among other elements.

At the electronic level, we supply components such as hall current sensors, power and SMD inductors and resistors, electrolytic and film capacitors, motor drivers, AC/DC power modules, rectifier bridges or other power semiconductors, as well as protection elements such as varistors and thermistors. All these products can be tailor-made according to project specifications. 

In addition, we have boxes and enclosures for switchboards or controls in which to integrate all this technology.


Main pushbutton panel

The button panel is the element of interaction with the user, which is composed of a variety of elements to provide a complete service to those who use the elevator. From Eurotronix we have push buttons, switches, loudspeakers, buzzers, alarms and bells. In addition, we also have a variety of display elements, such as TFT screens and LEDs for indication and emergency.



We have specific microcontrollers for the control of the elevator button panel.  These microcontrollers support the operation of LCD displays, have integrated CAN controller and IEC 61508 certification.


Emergency systems

The EN 81-28 standard regulates the emergency telephone system for elevators, which requires that all emergency communications equipment have autonomous power backup of at least one hour on standby, with a minimum of 15 minutes of talk time, to ensure communication in the event of a power outage.

In these emergency cases, Nickel-metal hydride batteries are one of the most widely used among our customers. All of them have an extended temperature range and, for safety reasons, can be supplied with PTC. 

In addition, we also have supercapacitors or high-capacity capacitors to store energy in cases where there is no connection to the mains and the system memory can be saved.

The EN 81-28 standard also regulates communication with the control panel. When a user is trapped in the elevator and presses the emergency button, the alarm system makes a voice call to notify about it. This communication is M2M (machine to machine) and Eurotronix has cellular communication modules to solve these cases.


Elevator access control

We have RFID readers, which are ideal for elevator access control systems. They usually work with an ID card, a PIN or a biometric scanner. Some examples of operation can be:

  • Limiting access to high security floors within a corporate or government building.
  • Protecting companies in shared office buildings by preventing other building tenants from accessing private floors.
  • Automatically take people, employees or guests to their correct floor based on user profile, improving entry speed and convenience.
  • Provide information to building managers or security personnel about user behavior and traffic patterns within the building.


Eurotronix, your partner in electronic components for elevators

The elevator changed society on the day of its invention and continues to be essential for our daily life. That is why at Eurotronix we work to keep up to date and keep pace with the constant evolution of the sector, society and technology, guaranteeing the best support for our customers' projects.

We have a wide experience in the distribution of electronic components for elevators with more than 20 outstanding customers, among them the leading companies in Spain and Portugal. 

Thanks to our global partners, which offer products of high technological quality, and our strategic collaborators to optimize the costs of projects that require it, we are the leading local distributor among our customers, who value our customer service team and engineering support in each of their projects.