Company created in 2000 which, due to its rapid development, is now the market leader in inductive and wound components with a workforce of almost 5,000 employees and a turnover of more than 300 million dollars (2007). It has a division dedicated to products and solutions for the automotive market.

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  • Tansformer
  • PCB Planar Transformer
  • Winding Transformer
  •  Inductor
  • For High Frequency
  • For Signal Line
  • For Power Line


  • Thermistor
  • SMD Polymer PTC Thermistor
  • NTC sensor
  • Multilayer NTC Thermistor
  • Leaded NTC Thermistor



  • RF Components
  • RF Product (Filter)
  • RF Product (Antenna)
  • RF Product
  • Capacitor
  • Tantalum Capacitor
  • Niobium Oxide Capacitor


    • 100 GHz Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Material Composition Technology
    • Large Current Choke design technology
    • Thin Film Technology
    • Zero Shrinkage Sintering Technology



    • Consumption, Industry and Telecommunications: EIA Standard, IEC60068, GB2423
    • Space:  ESCC Standard, MIL-STD-202G, GJB
    • Automotive: AEC-Q200, IEC60068


    • Material analysis: SEM/EDS, XRD, DTA/TG, etc.
    • Fault analysis: Tegramin System, X-Ray CT System, Probe Station etc.
    • Reliability test: Thermal Shock Chamber, Pressure Cooker Test Chamber,
    • High Acceleration Mechanical Shock Test-Bed etc.
    • Electrical test: Microwave Anechoic Chamber, RF Impedance/Material
    • Analyzer, B-H Analyzer, etc.
    • Production: Laser Drilling Machine, Tube furnace with H2, 3D printer, etc.