Company specialised in LED technology, founded in 2000 and with a fast growth rate. High number of patents on dissipation, ceramic and LED encapsulation technology. In 2009 it reached an agreement as an Avago ODM Partner. In 2014, it became a supplier of Osram, Philips and Seoul, among others.

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  • Production capacity in its 5 factories of 5 billion units/month
  • 60% of its sales in the Lighting market, in the most demanding applications
  • Annual growth rate of 15%
  • 2835 /3014 /2216/ 3528 /5050/ 5730/3020/2014; CRI > 95 to 98
  • Colour temperature diversification: 2200 K/3000 K/4000 K/6000 K/8000 K/10000 K
  • Colour diversification: R/G/B/Y &Bi-colour & Tri-colour
  • Power diversification: 0.1-0.5 W

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