Elettronica Rossoni

Elettronica Rossoni

Italian company specialising in inductive and magnetic components. Since its establishment in 1987, it has maintained a strong position in European, white goods, automotive and industrial markets. Its design centers are located in Italy, Hong Kong and Romania. Its sales offices are located in Europe, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Global expertise is its core value. It is able to assist in the design process from Europe or Asia, combining a European mentality and local production from Asia, taking advantage of its lower development cost, or from Europe, through automated production processes.

Its participation in the automotive sector, the first market for Elettronica Rossoni, set it on a path to raise its quality and control standards. It has a vertical integration and a UL insulation system (class B and F) document UL - E361692.

Eurotronix Highlights

In collaboration with Elettronica Rossoni, we have piloted different projects in the white goods, lighting and automotive sector. This is one of the strategic lines for Eurotronix, in which we offer our collaboration from the design phase in power and analogue electronics, as well as magnetic components with integrated control and other passive components.

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