Leading manufacturer in the passive components industry able to vertically integrate aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Its products stand out for meeting high standards in terms of service life, high capacitance, low impedance, heat resistance, high voltage, etc.

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  • Ranked 8th globally in the Electrolytic Capacitor Market. Turnover of 200 million dollars.
  • In-house FOIL ETCHING FORMING production - high level of innovation in high voltage range. (~750V)
  • Technological leadership in foil, electrolyte and materials in general to meet peak demand.
  • Oversized production capacity, high flexibility in terms of delivery.
  • More than 50% of its operation concentrated in new energies, power and industrial electronics
  • FAE team in Europe.
  • Investment of 10 million per year in R&D.
  • Certifications: ISO TS 16949, IACF16949, IS14001, OHAS 18001, Reach, Rohs, etc.
  • Availability of AEC-Q200 products.

Eurotronix Highlights

Electrolytic capacitor as a critical component in applications such as LED driver, emergency lighting, power conversion and power supplies. This product line combined with our strategy in power electronics, energy conversion with magnetic components and AC-DC converters, provides a complete solution together with our design support.

Our extensive experience in this product line allows us to offer the most suitable solution for each service life requirement according to the requirements and temperature profile.

We have high rotation of different capacities, load life, current and conditions of use.

With total sales of more than 60 million units over the past 4 years, our ability to negotiate with the manufacturer ensures we can achieve a highly competitive price.