Founded in 1955, Kaschke continues to broaden its experience in the development and manufacture of magnetic and inductive components, providing customised solutions that offer optimum performance with the principle of “design at cost”.

Products are developed at its headquarters in Göttingen and are manufactured in production centres in Tunisia and Kuellstedt, Thuringia. Its high-performance inductive components, manufactured sustainably, and the soft magnetic materials play a vital role in a wide range of applications, from hearing aids to photovoltaic systems.

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  • Winding technique
  • Ultra-fine wire winding (Litz, edge)
  • Metal foil winding
  • Hand winding
  • Toroidal winding
  • Rectangular wire winding. (inverter 240 kW)
  • Ferrite:
  • In-house technology, in-house development
  • Large size ferrite, high flux density and limited losses up to 100 kHz
  • Toroidal cores up to R102 with very good insertion losses and high Q factor
  • Rod cores for transmitter and receiver coils (20-40 kHz)
  • Pot cores for proximity sensors with high Q factor
  • Inductor for welding machine
  • Project specification sizes and shapes