3L Electronic Corp.

Product catalog


  • Founded in 1977. Double-digit turnover growth in recent years, with a 50% reduction in the size of the workforce since 2013.
  • Turnover of 50 million dollars. Increasing level of automation.
  • Capacity to produce inductors of up to 10,000 uH in SMT format of very compact dimensions.
  • Extensive catalogue covering a wide range of references of manufacturers in its market.
  • ISO TS 16949 and AECQ200 with a growing position in the automotive market. (15%)
  • Major progress in technologies such as high Tg, high molecular weight, nano-scale materials, servo-motor press and 256 cavities moulds and internal robot manufacturing.

Eurotronix Highlights

  • High density inductor component incorporated in our proposed energy conversion platform (converters, inductors and capacitors).
  • Sale of 20-35 million units annually.